Our first meeting is commitment free; we will discuss the contract and answer any questions that you may have. Once you have hired me as your doula we will then schedule two more prenatal visits. We will discuss your needs and desires for birth, define and understand our expectations of one another. I will provide you with useful tools for labor and birth. We will practice pain management techniques and coping skills, and labor positions. I will provide you with birth plan assistance to help you clarify your preferences for birth and help you understand your options.

My resource list becomes available to you and I offer e-mail
and phone support throughout your pregnancy.

Leading up to labor you may contact me via text or phone call between 8am and 6pm or e-mail anytime. When labor begins call me; if I don’t answer the first time, wait 5 minutes and call again.

I am on-call 24 hours a day from 37 weeks until delivery.

I prefer that you call me when you think you are in labor, even if you aren’t sure if you need me yet. This gives me time to arrange for childcare. I will offer you phone support and we can decide together if I should come to you then or wait for further progress. I need approximately one hour to get to you from the time you call me. We will also decide where to meet. Except for extraordinary circumstances, I will remain with you throughout early labor, transport to a hospital or birth center, labor and delivery.

I will remain with you and provide continuous physical, emotional, and informational support for you and your partner for up to 3 hours after birth to ensure bonding and a good start to breastfeeding.

We will also schedule at least one postpartum follow-up visit to celebrate the birth of your baby and answer any questions you have during the early postpartum period.

As a doula, I do not:
1. Perform clinical tasks.
2. Make decisions for you.
3. Speak to the staff on your behalf.

I will do everything I can to ensure your birth goes the way you desire. However, every birth is unique and unpredictable. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that your birth will go as planned.

If you plan a vaginal delivery and a cesarean is performed after the onset of labor, I will continue to provide support during the cesarean surgery (as allowed by hospital and/or doctor policies).

Should you have a pre-term birth or a scheduled cesarean every effort will be made to provide services during that time as well.

The length of your labor does not affect my fee in either direction.

In the rare event that I am unable to attend your birth a back-up doula will be there for you with the same support that I have offered to you. You will be given the opportunity to meet with her before your labor begins.

I provide photography services upon your request. My main job is to support you, but I can also photograph your labor and birth when I am able. Of course, I only take photos when you want and respect all of your wishes and privacy. Your photos are yours and only yours unless otherwise discussed between us.

Birth doula services in Benton Harbor, Watervliet, Sister Lakes, Eau Claire, Hartford, South Haven, Dowagiac, St. Joseph, Stevensville, Baroda, Bridgman, Berrien Springs, Buchannan, Sawyer, New Buffalo, Three Oaks and neighboring cities.
Any exceptions can be discussed.

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