My story

I am a determined, creative and passionate woman.

When I got pregnant with my daughter, Adeline, I really had no idea what I was doing and I quickly became overwhelmed with the amount of information – much of it conflicting – on pregnancy and childbirth. I could talk about my daughter’s birth story for days, but I have healed as I have learned and my perspectives have changed over time.

My pregnancy was nearly perfect, our birth experience was not. We had planned a home birth and Adeline was eventually delivered via c-section on December 12, 2012. I consider our birth experience to have been traumatic. We then struggled with breastfeeding. I then suffered from postpartum depression. Although I will always carry with me a certain amount of pain – with the support of many women – I have since been able to let go of much of my pain and turn the negative into a positive.

As my journey as a mother and a woman continued, I felt a calling to become a doula – to be given the opportunity to do my best to ensure that no other woman feels the pain I felt. Of course, should a woman feel the pain I did, then I will be right by her side to offer my empathy and support.

Birth doesn’t have to be the way that I experienced it. My experience gave me a new perspective on empathy. I gained an amazing daughter and now have the opportunity to support other women on their journey into motherhood. It is my job as a doula to help lift a woman up, to help her to feel loved and supported always. So whether a woman cries tears of pain or tears of joy or both, I am able to use my experience to provide support and understanding.

We are women and we are strong. It’s important that we help to support each other always. Women should, can and do have positive, empowering birth experiences.
We do have choices.

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